We Look Forward to Helping You!

The Willamette Valley Cancer Foundation helps provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families living in Lincoln, Tillamook, and Yamhill counties. Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for assistance:

  • Reside in Lincoln, Tillamook, or Yamhill County
  • Have a current cancer diagnosis
  • Be currently undergoing cancer treatment or be within last six months of treatment
  • Demonstrate financial need

This online application is designed to help gauge eligibility and need. The application has two pages to complete. Many questions on the form require an answer. Once a completed application is submitted, you will be contacted by a staff member of the foundation for followup information and further instructions. After this second step, you will be asked to complete another online form about specific finances. Proof of sources of revenue and expenses may be required as well.

Applications are then processed by foundation staff and presented to a review committee. The review committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month. The committee reviews the cancer diagnosis, treatment options, and impact on personal and household expenses expected due to the cancer treatment plan.

Financial need is determined by any shortfall expected to cover expenses. Funds awarded can be used for mortgage/rent, utilities, transportation/gas, groceries, and prescriptions. Funds awarded will not be used to pay for cancer treatment expenses. Any funds awarded are paid directly to the vendor. Payments are not disbursed to the applicant or applicant’s family members.

Funds awarded through the grant assistance program are limited to $2500 annually and have a $5000 lifetime maximum.

The grants review committee considers numerous factors to approve awards and determine amounts. The following circumstances may adversely impact your application.

  • Owning a second home
  • Owning a business
  • Having a retirement or investment account in excess of $xx
  • Owning assets that can be sold to help cover expenses
  • Carrying excessive credit card debt

You are welcome to call the foundation office with questions about the form and submission process at any time. Our goal is to make this process as smooth and efficient for you as possible. Foundation staff can also help complete the online form if you cannot access a computer or the internet. If you need help, please call us.

We frequently partner with other charitable organizations to better assist your needs.